Doom Solutions is the joint endeavor between Rhett Finch and Beth Howe to bring their data management software to the public.  The vision for our flagship product was conceived as early as 2006, when Beth and Rhett first worked together on the feature films Eragon and Speed Racer.  By 2011, we began collaborating on the ultimate visual effects “Database of Doom,” and, in 2016, our Los Angeles-based company Doom Solutions LLC was born.

Doom Solutions currently supports five network television shows, which have been privately beta testing our products over the past four seasons.  We are planning to publicly release our data translation tool and visual effects shot tracking database to episodic productions by the end of the year.  We’ll then concentrate on adding functionality specific to feature films, aiming to release those updates within the following year.

Beth attended the M.F.A. graduate film program at Loyola Marymount University and worked on her first feature film in 1993.  By 2003, she was hired as a VFX coordinator on the Warner Bros. movie Constantine, during which time she designed her first shot tracking database.  She has continued to work in visual effects ever since, contributing to such films as Life of Pi, Blade Runner 2049, Venom, and MiB International.  Beth’s years of experience creating VFX methodologies and workflows inform the cleanly elegant user interfaces she designs for Doom’s software.  Beth’s IMDb page

Rhett earned his B.S. in Industrial and Systems Engineering, with a Certificate in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, from Georgia Tech.  It was his passion for post-production, however, that led him to become an assistant editor.  After working on such notable television shows as House, Covert Affairs, and The Blacklist over the last decade, Rhett was most recently a picture editor on The Flash, the CW Network’s most watched series.  Rhett draws on both his engineering background and his post-production knowledge when coding the back-end of Doom’s software, giving our products a unique advantage over the hodge-podge of ubiquitous “home-grown” databases in use today.  Rhett’s IMDb page

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